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At Claire Woman, we are on a constant journey towards becoming more sustainable, becoming better at doing the right thing and smarter about the impact we have on our planet. Our sustainability goals are too ambitious for us to say that we have already achieved them, and while we have thought sustainably for many years, there is still a long way to go. There should be no doubt that we try to do everything with care and consideration.

in Europe

We produce most of our denim in Portugal and almost all of our garments are also sewn in Europe. At Claire Woman, our approach is to locate our production where the most skilled producers of the various products can be found. However, the most eco-friendly production is in Europe, as this allows us to reduce CO2 emissions by avoiding the lengthy transport of goods from the Far East. We try to make as many environmental choices as possible without compromising on quality, so that our collection becomes as sustainable as possible. We do this for the benefit of the end consumer as well as the environment.Discover Here

Denim manufactured
in Portugal

  • Much of our denim is produced in Portugal, and Europe-based production makes sense for us as it’s the most sustainable choice.


Bionic-Finish Eco is used on Claire Woman outerwear that is given a water-repellent treatment. Bionic-Finish Eco is your guarantee that the water-repellent finish used for waterproofing is fluorine-free. Shop outerwear

Smart Material Choice

  • Our 'Smart Material Choice' label shows which of our sustainable products contain recycled polyester, ECOVERO Viscose or FSC viscose. ECOVERO viscose is a term for a viscose fibre made of more sustainable wood that is produced with a significantly lower consumption of energy and water compared to ordinary viscose. The FSC is an organisation that helps achieve sustainable forest management – without the use of pesticides, of course, and with the assurance that new trees are planted when existing trees are cut down. Today, 40% of the total consumption of trees is FSC certified. Our goal for the future is that we only use FSC viscose or ECOVERO viscose in all production containing viscose.

Oeko-tex 100

Some of our items are Oeko-Tex 100 labelled, which is your guarantee that the style has been inspected for harmful chemicals. Only products that comply with the requirements set out in Oeko-Tex 100 are authorised to carry the label. All other styles are subject to testing under our strict restricted chemicals programme. Shop oeko-tex 100


  • Some of our items are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. This means that both the cotton and subsequent manufacturing process must meet strict environmental requirements, that the dyes used must comply with all chemical requirements and the garments must be produced in factories with respect for human rights. See our GOTS certificate here.


Treating others with respect is one of our core values: employees, collaborators, customers and, to a great extent, the animals that are used to enable us to produce our collections. At Claire Woman, we have a stringent animal welfare policy. We do not want to use real fur, angora or similar materials in our collections, as we cannot guarantee that all of the processes are humane. Conditions for our Merino sheep are also well above standard, and of course the wool production process is also 100% mulesing free. Our stringent animal welfare policy has ensured we are on the fur-free fashion list of the Danish animal protection association Anima, which lists brands where consumers can safely purchase ‘fake fur’.


Claire Group, with the brand name Claire Woman, is FSC® certified with FSC license code: FSC-C160481. FSC is dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. The FSC label means that material used for our FSC products come from well-manage, FSC certified forests and other controlled sources. See our FSC certificate here.

Sea freight for the sake
of the environment

We think it’s important to take a stand on the products you buy, produce and sell, and it is therefore also important to include how they are transported. From the very beginning of Claire Woman, we chose to transport all of our collections by ship and rail. This is a choice that is often impractical as transporting by ship can take a long time, but it is a definite win for the environment.

SA 8000

  • Claire Woman was the first fashion house in Scandinavia to be SA 8000 certified – an international ethical standard with requirements for working conditions throughout the supply chain. The certification means that we in Denmark and our foreign suppliers must all respect human rights and offer decent wages and working conditions. Independent auditors check this through annual inspections. See our certificate here.

Mulesing Free
Biella Yarn

Claire Woman designs classics for the wardrobe that will last season after season, and our exclusive merino wool is no exception. Our selection of soft merino wool is guaranteed mulesing-free and originates from the Italian province of Biella, famed for its luxurious merino wool. Due to its heat-regulating effect, merino wool makes a perfect addition to the wardrobe – regardless of the season.
Our merino wool is guaranteed mulesing-free. That means all of our wool comes from sheep that have been sheared in a safe and responsible way. We are against mulesing and sheep being sheared without anaesthesia. Our suppliers are also obliged to purchase mulesing-free wool with a certificate. Shop Merino Wool