Animal welfare

We believe it is unacceptable to harm animals to produce clothing, and Claire Group will only work with suppliers that respect animal welfare. We know that attitudes and legislation on animal welfare is not uniform throughout the world. Therefore, we make some strict requirements that our suppliers must comply.

Real fur
At Claire Group, we have abolished all use of real fur, because we believe that both humans and animals should be treated with respect and dignity. We can not get 100% proof that animals are treated properly in the countries where we produce our clothes, and therefore our fur policy is clear and unambiguous. And we stand - even when fashion dictates the use of fur. To avoid sending ambiguous signals to the outside world, it is expected that all employees of Claire Group meets our fur policy and do not wear real fur during working hours.
Fur does not include; Skins that are made into leather, materials that are clipped, combed or trimmed from animals, fleece, sheepskin, leather with hair for example. cow hides or synthetic materials similar to fur.

Down and feather
Claire Group does not accept down from birds plucked alive. All our suppliers issue a certificate to us, that they only use down and feathers that comes from birds, raised for food. Our suppliers must also regularly visit their down suppliers for themselves to check, that everything is as we agreed upon in our supplier contracts.

Claire Group only accepts products of leather from cows, buffalo, sheep, goats, fish or pigs, which is a byproduct from animals raised for meat production. We require of our suppliers, that all waste water from tanneries to be treated in a water treatment plant.

Exotic animal skins
Claire does not sell products of real exotic animal skins such as, but not limited to; snake, alligator, crocodile, lizard and ostrich.

Merino wool from sheep that have been cut without anesthetics is almost phased out worldwide. Claire Group does not accept this barbaric cutting method called mulesing. Our suppliers must therefore simply buy mulesing free wool. We do not use angora, since it can not be excluded that the animals are plucked while still alive.