Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is a set of ethical guidelines for human rights, labor rights, environment and corruption. Claire Group Code of Conduct is based on ILO Conventions and UN Convention on Human Rights and express our views on ethis and environmental practices. Our Code of Conduct defines the minimum requirements that we impose on ourselves and our suppliers' social and environmental standards. Claire Group Code of Conduct forms part of the contractual basis with our suppliers and must be respected by all who act on behalf of Claire Group.

Claire Group is a member of the management concept, the Business Social Compliance Initiative, (BSCI), which is a European non-profit organization working to improve working conditions in the global supply chain and create awareness about social responsibility. Code of Conduct serves as a tool to understand Claire Group policy in human rights, labor rights and the environment. More than 1100 member companies share the same Code of Conduct. ( See the BSCI hompepage for further information). See Claire Group?s Code of conduct here.

See Claire Groups Code of Conduct in the CSR book.

Supplement to the BSCI Code of Conduct
Claire Group has prepared a few additional provisions to the BSCI Code of Conduct, because we think that animal welfare issues, corruption and responsible child labor are also important issues.

Responsible Child Labour
This is in line with ILO rules that children from 13 years in developing countries can be in part-time employment (maximum three hours per day day) with light work, provided that they also continue to attend school. Children can earn up to 25% of a family's income. If an audit found that there are children in the production, which are full time and not over 15 years, there will be taken care of it in collaboration with Claire Group. Children should under no circumstances be left without a job, as a life without a job can be worse than working at a textile factory. Loss of income for the child affects the entire family and it must be compensated. It can be done by hiring an adult family member. The child must be offered to participate in light work in the afternoon, provided that the child also resume his schooling. It is the lack of schooling, which keeps children in lifelong poverty.

Young workers
Regardless of the current national rules on child labor Claire Group A/S invites all suppliers to consider young people between 15 and 18 years as a particularly vulnerable group, who may never perform dangerous work. The supplier is responsible at all times to document the ages of employees.

Forced Labor
Guards must be used only to protect employees and company property.
Employers must not involve the employee's passport and identification papers in connection with his appointment. There must be objective criterias, which is known by employees, if a supplier uses fines as a disciplinary sanction (penalty). Any fines imposed shall not reduce the net wage in a given pay period, so it becomes less than the minimum wage laid down by local law.

Meal Plan
There must always be - at least - a dining room to picnic. Dining rooms and cafeterias, where they exist, must be clean and hygienic. Handling of food is hygienic and the staff is properly trained in food. The food must meet generally recognized nutritional requirements, and there must be access to clean water.

Animal welfare
At Claire Group we abolished all use of real fur, because we believe that both humans and animals should be treated with respect and dignity.
When down and merino wool is in a product from Claire Group, the animals must be treated with respect. The killing of animals must always be in the most descent way, so no suffering takes place. SUppliers must be able to socument that this is repected and practised. The supplier must see to that the subsuppliers do the same.

Claire Group A / S rejects any and all use of bribery, corruption and extortion. Claire Group A / S, employees may not attempt to influence any person or authority for personal gain by using the company's position or provide personal benefits here or abroad.