Sylab - local CSR project

Claire Group participates in a local project, "Sylab" in cooperation with the innovation network called Livstil - Bolig og Beklædning (Lifestyle - Housing and Apparel)

The goal of the project is to create a model for textile production that reduce environmental impact and resource consumption. Sylab focuses on how the industry can exploit the technological possibilities to create the conditions for a potential sewing production in Denmark. Robotics is a significant step towards the goal.

The vision is to shift production of small series and sewing of collection samples back to Denmark, through the development of new robotic technology. The Sylab project is an experimental laboratory by means of optimization of processes and automation to restore the potential for sewing production in Denmark. Sylab is the focal point for development, testing, integration of sewing robots and optimization of sewing production processes. Claire Group participates in the project by providing facilities with existing workstations available for the project and Sylab is literally become a place where about 20 selected entrepreneurs have their daily workplace for about one year at a time. Here they develop the collection samples, establish value chains and produce small orders series in their own entrepreneurial businesses.

"It is a great pleasure to see how the young entrepreneurs are full energy and fills the house with positivity, says Nikolaj Hust. Throughout our 40 years in the industry Claire Group have always tried to be an innovative company. We were the first to move production to Asia and one of the pioneers in the development of a CSR programme for decent working conditions in the factories. For us Sylab is spot-on to utilize robot technology opportunities and maintain creativity in the development process in our own house. We are very happy to be part of this local project".