Work environment

Employee and Work environment policies
Claire Group A/S indentifies itself as a responsible company, also in relation to our employees. Every single employee has their individual spot to fill in our team and we are dependent on each other to achieve success with our mission, to create clothing that can make fashion conscious women and children feel comfortable. It is our mission to do so, on a sustainable foundation, and therefore it is a core value for Claire Group, that our employees take an interest in fashion and sustainability.

A lifelong learning process
However, companies can always improve and we have an employee policy that prescribes constant work to equip our employees, so that every single one will be prepared to face the challenges that the future labour market may present. This includes that we set aside time and resources for further training. We believe that our employees value the fact that they have the opportunity for job rotation and that they are so well equipped, that they will be an asset to any employer.

Work environmental conditions
At Claire Group we prioritise safety, health and well-being highly, and we demand that all our employees must have a safe and healthy work environment. No one can be getting sick from going to work and we work to minimize the number of workplace accidents, by preventing and registering all nearby accidents. We view adhering to the work environment law and the SA8000 system requirements, as minimum requirements that must be met and we continuously set new goals for our work environment ambition. We aim to develop a safe and healthy corporate culture, by continuously improving our work environment and identifying risks through inspection, registration of nearby accidents and completion of workplace evaluations. We aim to ensure a good work environment though internal education and instruction of newly appointed, as well as placing focus on the good working environment, both physically and mentally. Furthermore, we focus on softer values such as health, well-being and social interaction, because we believe that individual physical and mental well-being is significant to the work effort. Happy and satisfied employees will result in satisfied customers and partners. The responsibility for a good working environment lies with our upper management, in corporation with the employees. The work goes on in the work environment organization. The leaders of all levels have a responsibility to contribute to a good working environment, through a systematic effort in their department. Our work environment policies are adopted by the work environment committee and decided upon by the management. It is a work environment goal of ours that we continuously school all employees in work environment conditions and SA800 matters, which must happen every other year, as a minimum. Furthermore, we record the percentage of employees that are able to perform lifesaving first aid.

We address each other in a proper tone and we respect each other's differences and integrity. We help each other when workload peaks occur. Helpfulness and care for colleagues is rewarded. We distance ourselves greatly from harassment of any kind and each and every employee is obligated to report it to the management, if they witness situations that can be experienced as bullying. We are a spacious workplace that pays attention to the individual employee's personal relations to the greatest extent possible. We support the idea notion that companies are obligated to contribute to the creation of a spacious labour market. Thus, we frequently have employees in further job training or have student interns.