Responsible Sourcing

Cooperation with suppliers
Claire Group prioritizes to have long and close supplier relationships. Skilled suppliers are the core of our business. All suppliers are selected with care and we only work with suppliers who work with decent working conditions for employees in the production and showing that they will respect the environment.

Code of Conduct
Claire Group's Code of Conduct is based on ILO Conventions and UN human rights convention. Our Code of Conduct defines the minimum requirements that we demand of our suppliers. Claire Group's Code of Conduct forms part of the contractual basis with suppliers.

Claire Group has been a member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) since 2008. BSCI is a CSR management concept with the tools to monitor if the Code of Conduct is respected on the factories producing clothing. We only use suppliers who can meet the requirements of the BSCI concept, and is willing to be audited. We help to raise awareness of responsible supply chain management within the supply chain by expecting our suppliers to impose similar requirements on their suppliers. We only work with suppliers, where we can get access to the factories that are used for our production. Our QC staff visits regularly factories in the production phase.

We share the Code of Conduct with the other European BSCI members, a total of 1,500 companies in the manufacture of goods for end consumers. Many factories in our production countries know this Code of Conduct. The BSCI system is built around inspections (audits) of each individual supplier min. every two years, and will use independent auditors. All audit results are registered in a common database, which will benefit all members for good. The supplier thereby avoid a lot of unnecessary audits by varying Code of Conduct for different customers.
We help our suppliers to be ready for audit. With our membership of BSCI we can offer all our suppliers free training in the BSCI concept, manuals for implementation, and a wide range of work tools.

Corrective actions
Suppliers who have audits of small mistakes must correct these errors within the deadlines that the auditor sets. Suppliers who are not prepared to be audited or not correct a bad auditresultat will gradually be phased out.

Measuring progress
Each year Claire Group evaluates the company's social performance from suppliers in countries outside the EU, see our annual COP report. By 01.01.2023 90% (of buying volume) of our production from countries outside the EU have been audited with satisfactory results.