Wash Guide

Wash & Wear test

No clothing by Claire Woman is put into production before all samples have been through our Wash & Wear test. Wash & Wear means that all our samples are tested by our test persons, who wear and wash the clothes for four weeks. All test persons' comments about the clothes, their fit and quality are written down and submitted, and the samples are then adjusted before the final production. That way we avoid clothes with strange fits, buttons which come off and colours that bleed, qualities which lose their finish, and zips and labels that scratch.

Merino Wash Guide

Take good care of your woollen garments

It's such a shame when your woollen garments shrink in the wash and come out completely stiff and out of shape. Fortunately, it's easy to prevent. We do not use Superwash (an environmentally harmful chlorine treatment) on our wool, so it's especially important that you wash it according to the following instructions to ensure that it stays soft and luxurious after washing.

1: Wool programme at 30 degrees

2: Wool detergent

3: Do not tumble dry

The wool can also be hand-washed with wool detergent, but it should not be soaked.

Washing instructions

Merino Wool
  • Wash on wool program at 30

    Wash on wool program at 30

  • Do not tumble dry

    Do not tumble dry

  • Wash with wool detergent

    Wash with wool detergent

  • Avoid dry cleaning

    Avoid dry cleaning

  • Can be ironed at max 110

    Can be ironed at max 110

  • Do not chlorine bleach

    Do not chlorine bleach