Ethical Certificate

In 2012 Claire Group was certified according to the international standard, SA 8000. SA8000 is an international ethic certification with demands regarding the supply chain. The certification includes conditions as equality, freedom of association, working environment, climate of cooperation, salaries and not least overtime. The company's SA8000 certificate documents that all procedures and documents of the company, have been worked through by external auditors - a kind of exam in ethics and responsibility.

With the SA8000 certification Claire Group takes a quantum leap to a future-proof work with social responsibility.

The combination of SA8000 together with the membership of the supply management system, BSCI, we have a perfect set-up for our work with responsibility both here in Denmark and in the supply chain. The work is not only fine words on paper, there will be continuously follow-ups every six months. And new goals have to be set every year.

"We have chosen to be certified with SA8000, because we are serious when it comes to human rights and proper working conditions. At the same time we would like to proof to our suppliers, that we dare take our own medicine", says Anders Hust, Claire Group A/S.

"For 35 years we have been working with social responsibility. With this certification we have paper on our work being all right, and there is now more weight to our words regarding human rights and descent working conditions with our suppliers. It makes an impression that we ourselves have been going through the same procedure, as we ask our suppliers to live up to. We feel good about it. But high-quality CSR is not just about inspections, because what if the suppliers let children back into the factory after the auditors have left? High-quality CSR is about understanding and changing attitudes. What we told our suppliers several years ago, they have now implemented. They can even see the benefits in having audits in their factory, because it gives them an excellent report to show to customers. Anders Hust continues "The external audits open up possibilities to gain more European customers. In this way we have influenced the suppliers' attitudes and hereby give them a better preparation for the future. a win-win situation to our cooperation."

Our certification was renewed in 2018.

See our certificate here.