At Claire Group A/S we have worked with Social Responsibility long before this concept became modern and renamed Corporate Social Responsibility. We are a player in a modern globalized world, and responsibility has always been one of our fundamental values. We are all responsible for minimizing the impact we set in the world, and we take responsibility, wherever we can. To Claire Group A/S, CSR is all about doing business on a sustainable ground and running a company we can be proud of.

We prioritize to provide a safe and healthy working environment, to avoid discrimination and child labor, to have decent payment and working conditions and to take responsibility local whenever we have the opportunity. We work with the environment, human rights, and good working conditions for our employees in Ikast and for the employees of our suppliers as well. Conditions all specified in our Code of Conduct.

Claire Group A/S has three certifications. We are certified with a management system, SA 8000. With SA 8000 we can document our company effort on social responsibility in our supply chain. The certification also documents compliance with Danish legislation and our collective agreements. We are also certified to sell GOTS and FSC® certified garment to provide the most environmentally friendly products to our customers.

We are committed to complying with the requirements of the SA 8000 and GOTS 6.0 standards. We are also committed to comply with the regulations in FSC STD 40-004 and FSC STD 50-001. We will continuously improve our efforts within the issues of the standards in the areas where we have influence.

The overall framework for our CSR work is the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals we use for inspiration in our work. In 2008, we joined the European supplier management concept, Amfori - BSCI, (Business Social Compliance Initiative), whereby we can monitor and measure our efforts at suppliers and subcontractors.

We have specific goals for our work at home, towards our partners and in the supply chain. We have designed specific policies in the following areas:

• Employee and working environment policy
• Supply chain policy
• Anti-corruption policy
• Environmental and transport policy
• Animal welfare policy

We strive to be among the most responsible companies in the textile industry when it comes to CSR on areas supporting our vision. Through continuous and targeted efforts, we involve all employees in integrating our attitudes into daily work and complying with the FSC, GOTS and SA 8000 standards.