Terms of trade

14 day right of cancellation
When you shop online and at, you will normally have a 14 day right of cancellation, within which you can inform us that you regret the purchase an return the unwanted items to us. Some items are not included in the right of cancellation and if that is the case then it will be stated during the process of completing the order.

The right of cancellation starts on the day that you have received your order. If the 14 day period expires on a public holiday, Saturday, Christmas day or on the 31st of December, then the period will be extended till the next work day. In the case that multiple items from the same order are delivered individually or that an item is delivered in different batches, then the right of cancellation period will start when that last item or batch is received. Upon receiving your order you must only handle the items in a way that allows you to determine their type, qualities and they function. There are some items to which the right of cancellation does not apply, or it is possible to lose your right. It will be stated in the order confirmation if the given order contains items to which the right of cancellation does not apply, because of the type of the product, or if you will lose the right by breaking the seals on the product.

In order for the right of cancellation to apply, you must notify us in an explicit statement no later than 14 days after you have received your order.

In the case of returns, the items must be addressed to:
Claire Group A/S
Marsvej 6-10
7430 Ikast

In the case of return you must ensure that the items are securely packaged. You are the one responsible for the package/items until we receive them. Therefore it is recommended that you save the mail receipt and any potential track and trace number.

We expect that you ship the return items as soon as possible after your return notification, they must be shipped no later than 14 days after your notification.
Notice! We do no accept packages sent by COD or similar services.

Purchase documentation and return formula
You are required to include a copy of the order confirmation, or some alternative documentation for your purchase. Furthermore it will ease the return process if you include a completed return formula.

When we receive the returned items, we will inspect it and you will receive a refund of the amount you paid in the transaction.
The amount will always be transferred to the same payment method that it was received from. For example, if you paid with a payment card, then the amount will be refunded to that card.

You can lose your transaction amount, fully or partially. This will happen if:
The value of the item is decreased because the item has been used. The item has been damaged while under your responsibility. You handled the item in a way other than what was necessary to determine its type, qualities and function. You did not adhere to the limitations of the right of cancellation, concerning seals, product type, etc.

Complaints - If the product is faulty
Your purchase is protected by the Sale of Goods Act, which includes the Defective Rules. This means that you have the options of getting a faulty item repaired, exchanged, or getting a refund or a reduction of the price, all depending on the given situation. Naturally it is a requirement, that the complaint is rightful and that the fault is not a result of misuse of the product or of any other type of destructive behaviour.

You must contact us within "reasonable time"
You must make your complaint within "reasonable time" after you have discovered the fault in the product. We recommend that you make your complaint as quickly as possible and no longer than two months after the fault has been discovered.
You can make a complaint by contacting us via e-mail, at, or by phone at +45 96 60 63 00.
Depending on the situation at hand, you will receive further instructions.

When you return the item, please state the nature of the problem as detailed as possible. We encourage you to use our Return Note. This is not a requirement, however it does ease our process and it decreases the time it takes to process the return.

In the case of rightful complaints, we will refund reasonable delivery costs
In the case of a rightful complaint, we will naturally refund any reasonable delivery costs you may have been charged to return the item to us. If the opposite is the case, then you will be responsible for any delivery costs. Do remember that the item must always be shipped in appropriate packaging and make sure that you receive a receipt for despatching the package. This is advised, as you hold the responsibility for the package/items until we receive them. Therefore you should save the postal receipt and information on delivery costs, as well as a potential track'n'trace number. Notice! We do not accept packages sent by COD or similar services.